The purpose of this website is to show how much planting is happening in Canterbury.  
Planting is good for:
  • Riparian management, which contributes to improved water quality
  • Habitat for native and other species
  • Carbon sequestration, to help with greenhouse gas emissions
  • Shelter
  • Aesthetics 
Please contribute to and use this website so we can paint the picture of what is happening in Canterbury and encourage appropriate planting projects.

Newest Projects

Ararira Wetland

Traditionally, Lincoln has been thought of as a satellite of Christchurch with little care given to its much closer ‘backyard’: Te Waihora. This project considers ways in which landscape could reestablish a relationship between the community and the Lake: how might Te Waihora become Lincoln’s front yard? Project Partners: WET, Lincoln uni, Fonterra, EnviroSchools http://www.designlab.ac.nz/projects/ararira/

Tutaepatu Lagoon

Tutaepatu Lagoon near Woodend Beach is being transformed from a weed-infested waterway into an indigenous coastal ecosystem thanks to $200 000 of restoration funding from the Waimakariri Zone Committee. Over 30 000 native trees have been planted around the edge of the lagoon over the last five years using the funding which is part of Environment Canterbury’s Immediate Steps programme. Grey willow and old man’s beard have been removed along with more than 800 pest animals to allow native species such as kahikatea, mudfish, morepork and bittern to thrive throughout the lagoon area.

New Brighton Community Gardens

Volunteers and visitors are welcome at our Gardens in Rawhiti Domain near the New Brighton village shops. We have been running for 9 years and during the last 3 years of turmoil we have been able to continue to offer a place of calm and positive activity for many locals who have been dealing with extra stresses. Volunteers share their life challenges, along with positive stories and encouragement. We find a job for everyone as we see the wellbeing benefits of getting into action and achieving a productive Garden together.

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